Your Host

Phil Zukatis
Phil Zukatis, the proud owner of Arabella Estate, has worked tirelessly for 15 years to bring the property back to life. Being a General Contractor, operating PZ Construction for 23 years, he has perfected the art of custom home building and his specialty is historic restorations. There has been a new and beautiful life breathed into Arabella Estate, thanks to Phil. He has rejuvenated the house’s original Victorian style with a nod of respect and appreciation for life in the 1800’s. As an antique enthusiast, Phil has also gone to great lengths to acquire and decorate the house with timeless pieces from the past. Each has its own story and Phil loves to engage his guests in tours and discussions about their historical charm. When Phil isn’t working, he enjoys gardening and canning his own vegetables and homemade sauces.